June 2017

Pancake Crafts!

The other day, my family and I attended a pancake workshop led by Dancakes at the library. See the unicorn in the photo? Yeah, Dancakes puts pancake art like that to shame. The artists actually draw on the griddle with different colors of batter, creating fun, realistic pieces you can enjoy visually AND eat! We had to leave the class early when I got sick (story of my summer) but we took home enough tips to make some pancake art of our own. I'm hoping to get some gel food coloring to experiment with some art this weekend.

Sell Your Crafts for a Cause

If you made a summer bucket list this year, did you remember to add something to do for a cause you support this year? You can use your crafting skills at the same time to make things you love and share them with the world while you donate to your cause. You don't have to donate all of your proceeds, either; you can just donate a set amount per dollar spent or item sold while you either make a profit or at least make back enough for your materials. Want to double your impact?

Fun Doctor Who Crafts

Due to schedule changes and a limited budget, my daughter isn't able to attend the Doctor Who camp she had so hoped to go to this year, so I've been looking up various crafts and activities for her to do at home instead. Doctor Who crafts are cute, fun to do and help celebrate your fandom, and most can be made with things that you already have at home.

Make some easy Doctor Who valentines to save for Valentine's Day or to even distribute whenever you feel like it.