July 2017

DIY Everything

Okay, if your dog needs surgery and you have no background in animal medicine, you probably shouldn't perform surgery on your dog. But most things in life can be learned, especially now that we have Youtube, access to hundreds of online courses and a means to chat with any expert at any hour of the day. DIY culture is taking the United States by storm and I think it's great... because it's not new.

Create a Complicated Torn Paper Collage

A lot of people think of little kids when they hear the word "collage" but that couldn't be any father from the truth. Collages are for everyone, and complicated torn collages from art and science magazines are often some of the most exciting crafts for adults. They are used to form dream boards, art journals and other cool projects. Just do a quick search for them and you'll find pages upon pages of gorgeous artwork. 

DIY Popsicle Holders

When I first heard about popsicle holders, I laughed. They're not THAT cold, and they melt so fast in the summer they can't possibly bother your hand, right? Well, some kids may have sensory issues that make them helpful, but even if you don't need the hand protection, they are super cute to make. My daughter and I made these Star Wars holders last week and now it looks like we eat lightsabers every time we eat popsicles!

Mounted Plants

Have you ever used real, breating life in your art? Without using peformance art, it's kind of hart to come by with humans and other animals, but when it comes to plants, there are ideas as limitless as you can dream up. You can ount ferns, succulents and hoyas, as well as other plants, to create breathing art to not only decorate your home but also help keep your air clean.