August 2017

Back to School Crafts

Whether you're a teacher, parent, babysitter, homeschooler or just a person with a cool kid in your life, it's a great time for you to make back to school crafts with the kids you know. You can make just-for-fun crafts, like apple and pencil-themed crafts, or you can even make functional items like homemade folders, pencil cases and locker decorations. As a teen my favorite school items were cheap, 10-cent folders on which I drew and colored Batman characters!


It is the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. GISHWHES, the brain child of Misha Collins of Supernatural fame, is in full swing this week, and although it may be the last GISHWHES as we know it, it's no less outrageous, fun and meaningful than any other year. Jump in with some of the craziest crafts you've ever done!