November 2017

DIY Christmas Gifts

Do you make your own holiday gifts to give to family and friends? Many people pride themselves on DIY gifts and there's nothing more meaningful or heartfelt than something you took the time to make for someone you love. My best friend is super crafty and makes gorgeous shoes, hats and other fun gifts that people just squeal over. They last longer than store-bought gifts, they are personal and customized to the person who receives them and most of all, they remind you of their maker.

Gratitude Crafts

During the Thanksgiving season, my family doesn't do traditional "Indians and Pilgrims" activities because we think they're outdated, disrespectful and encourage the celebration of genocide by glossing over history. However, we do enjoy taking part in activities that encourage being thankful and expressing gratitude. There are many ways to do this. Here are just a few of them:

Make a paper tree and cut out lots of leaves. Sit together and write down things you're thankful for on the leaves before gluing them on. You could even do this every day!