December 2017

2018 Photo Challenge

If photography is your craft, you should definitely check out one of the many photography challenges of 2018. Just googling them will yield a huge variety of challenges to give you ideas, but this one is a pretty fun one. It's a nature challenge, so every day you have to go outside, which is a bonus! Each day's prompt is very wide open for interpretation. For example, day one is simply "Clouds," so you can take any cloud photo you like. You can also start it whenever you want.

Solstice Crafts

The winter solstice is upon us and as the sun returns, fostering in spring, we turn to some sunny day crafting! From orange slice ornaments to Solstice lanterns, there are so many great crafts that the hardest part is really just narrowing them down to a couple to complete. After you choose a couple, see if you can work on them today or this evening so you can enjoy them tomorrow or even give them as gifts!