February 2018

More Chinese New Year Crafts and Activities

Around the World Stories just launched a new Asia story and my daughter and I decided to try their free month trial. We have learned so much more than we usually do during the Chinese New Year in just a week! I had no idea the Chinese zodiac was still so important today and that so many people base business and even marital decisions on it. The story is good, but they also have a recipe for dumplings, a lot of fun facts and information, videos and additional activities. 

Chinese New Year Crafts

It's that time of year again: Chinese New Year! In case you weren't aware, it's the Year of the Dog, so those crafts are especially on point right now. In my family, we are doing a few things to celebrate, including creating silly fortunes (which has nothing to do with it and everything to do with us just being weird), watching Born In China on Netflix and eating some oranges for good luck!

Crafts That Double As Valentine Gifts

Are you making crafts to give as Valentine presents this year? It's one of the best holidays for crafting and with so many simple yet adorable ideas floating around, there's really something that everyone can make. Take this cute idea from the Dating Divas: use candy kisses to create an "I've kissed the ground you walk on!" craft with the cute printables that the site provides. They do a lot of fun projects like these and I really recommend their free kits.