March 2018

Floral Spring Crafts

With spring comes a burst of bright, beautiful flowers, cutting through the grays of winter and bringing hope back into our lives! Although we can all admire our growing flora, we can also use it in our craft projects. Here are just a few ways my daughter has used some of our spring blooms this week.

Cut daffodils for a pretty centerpiece.

Paint said daffodils ("I'm Van Gogh!" she announced, to which I scoffed, "Those aren't sunflowers!").

Tear up daffodils to rub them on paper for pigment. You can do this with grass, dandelions... just about anything you find. 

Magnetic Art

Are you looking for a fun way to paint without the same old brushes and tools? Try your hand at magnetic painting! Magnet painting combines art and science for a truly STEAM activity that both adults and kids are sure to like. You can use any magnets you have on hand to go through the paint or get a set just for this activity.

Leprechaun Hunting Crafts

To some, leprechauns are awful stereotypes of the Irish people; I get it. But if you're not wont to use them in this manner (see photograph) and instead as one of the fairy folk of legends, you could do some fun leprechaun crafts with your family this year for St. Patrick's Day (or just for kicks if you're not into the pagans being driven out of Ireland...).