June 2018

Worst time in history

Lies , steal , sellout to honest Americans , you only thought of lining you and your own pockets . No accountability , no honor your a discrace, i hope to never hear you name again . I only hope its not to late for your back door workings to be fixed . From a real American , bob.

Nuclear Reactors 556 - Safety Systems On Russian Water-Water Energetic Reactors - Part 2 of 2 Parts

Wwer-1000-scheme 2.png

Diagram of a WWER:

Part 2 of 2 Parts (Please read Part 1 first)

        The entire WWER is enclosed in a massive steel shell and hermetically sealed. A concrete containment building contains the reactor and containment vessel is strong enough to contain the pressure of an explosion of the core.

Do not go gently.

To my favorite president,
Sir, can nobody see this country going the way of nazist Germany before WW2? How long will it be before the UN considers the US to be as incorrigible as N Korea? How long before Trump wants to invade Canada? Or Mexico? How many more immoral moves does our little orange Hitler have to make before we take the role of WW2 Germany? How long do we have to endure this sideshow of a government before enough people open their eyes and see that we as a country are being led straight into the ground? How many atrocities have to be committed before the people of this nation no longer great open their eyes and see people of every color and every country of origin for what they are, human beings? Why is our education system failing us so badly that very few of us can even see that we, as a country, are on the wrong side of history? My hope is that the people who are aware enough to understand that we have a problem will speak out instead of setting the problem aside saying to themselves "it's not directly effecting me, so it's not my problem." I will not go gentle into this goodnight.