December 2018

Planner Crafting

Do you pin bullet journals on Pinterest, watch sticker unboxing videos or watch other planners create new layouts on Youtube? If so, you might be a planner addict. It takes one to know one, and I've been one since my first planner at age 16. Of course, I never dreamed that it would become such a fad to decorate your planner as a "keepsake item," as some call it. I always doodled or put stickers on mine, but it's much more than that for me.

The Flying Kolache

Craving a kolache? Who isn't? The sweet and savory puffs of goodness are hard to resist and cheap enough to indulge every once in a while. At The Flying Kolache in Seattle, you can find just about every flavor of kolache to suit your needs. Yes, they have the maple sausage breakfast kolache, but have you tried their most popular flavors like jalapeno hot sausage or their unique prune kolache? 

Help Indonesia Tsunami Victims

Hundreds of lives were lost in last week's terrible Indonesian tsunami caused by Anak Krakatau volcano, which continues to cause issues both in the area as well as for flights near Indonesia. The volcano's activity remains active, creating a danger zone around the area for five miles. Previously it had been two. Tourists and locals alike have been forbidden to step within a five-mile radius.

Weird Fictional Animals

My family and I met Krampus at an event the other night, and while he wasn't totally an animal (or was he?), it got me thinking about all of the cool fictional weird animals of the world, from the mythological sort to the kinds that we see in TV and movies. Demogorgans and demo-dogs are probably my current favorite (I even have one on my desk), but from gelflings to goblins, the Jabberwock to the Jadoon, is there anything more fun than a weird creature?

Russsian Mining and Chemical Combine Working On Using Nickel 63 As Power Source For Semiconductor Devices


Flag of Zheleznogorsk

      The Russian Mining and Chemical Combine (MCC) was established in 1950 in Russia to produce plutonium for the Soviet Union nuclear arsenal. It is located in the city of Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai. The company is currently part of the Rosatom group, the national nuclear company of Russia.

Nuclear Reactors 643 - IAEA Conference On The Uses And Challenges of Nuclear Cogeneration

       When we talk about commercial nuclear power reactors, it is usually in the context of generating electricity to feed the national grid. Nuclear plants generate heat which is converted to steam to generate the electricity. There are direct uses for that heat that do not require conversion to electricity.

Youtube Playlists

How lucky are we that we have access to so much free music? On any given day, at any given time, we can enjoy our tunes online from wherever we are. I was introducing a young friend to the Dead the other day and was able to use her phone to quickly look them up and play a few songs for her to jog her memory. "Oh yeah, I know them!"

Blast From the New Year's Past

Boy do I miss Dick Clark's countdown. I used to always watch that with my family on New Year's Eve and now it's just not the same. It's probably just nostalgia but I never really like the music, so we just stopped watching it. It was one of my favorite 80s and 90s traditions. Of course, one of the cool things about NOT living in 1987 is that we can watch a bit of it go down again on Youtube.

Mansplaining Chart is All You Need This Christmas

If you need to get a gift for someone who regularly talks down to you, assumes he knows more than you do even though you have just as much, if not more experience, or dismisses your views just because they're different from his own equally informed ones, you might want to check out this mansplaining graphic as a candidate. Print it out, frame it and offer it as the perfect gift for the clueless coworker, annoying neighbor or family member who says you should only worry your pretty little head about "ladies things."