December 2018

Will my kids and I ever see you?

Dearest President Obama,

It’s always been one dream since you we running for election and also since you have served two terms. My kids and I always wished how can we see the happy and confident president. My kids know so much about you. We have kids age 7,9,and 11. My nson names a limousine that I had brought back for him from DC Obsmasine- he’s now 7. We hope someday we get to meet you and our First Lady and of your family. Wish you a Merry Christmas and s happy New Year!


Cicelia Beirne and Family

Nuclear Reactors 637 - Grand Gulf Nuclear Generating Station Is Not Reliable Base-Load Power

Grand Gulf Nuclear Generating Station.jpg

Grand Gulf Nuclear Generating Station

       One of the things that supporters of nuclear power always bring up is the fact that nuclear power plants are base-load power. This means that the plants are always running and producing power as opposed to solar and wind installation which are intermittent. Having base-load power sources on the electrical grid to continually supply a minimum amount of electricity is very important.

Baking Season Ideas

Many families have holiday baking traditions that span generations. My mom used to bake for Christmas, but us girls didn't really participate, so when I found out about other people's cookie-making traditions I was a bit surprised. A good friend of mine gets every sprinkle she can get her hands on and makes dozens and dozens of cookies with her daughter. My daughter and I often bake a few things, like cookies for the neighbors or some holiday bread for the house, but we don't really bake as many as my friend.

Keurig for Cocktails

If you've ever remarked that there should be a cocktail machine similar to your Keurig for brewing up drinks instead of coffee, tea or cocoa, you're in luck. The Drinkworks Home Bar is now at your service, offering a range of beers and cocktails for all of your single-serve needs. If you're wondering whether or not each pod is totally comprehensive, containing every ingredient for the cocktail of your choice... the answer is yes! Everything is pre-measured, with premium ingredients in each pot. Want a margarita? Pop the pod in.

Can Light Drinking Shorten Your Life?

Remember those studies that suggest a glass of wine is great for your health? A new study is suggesting that even light drinking can shorten your life. This includes daily light drinking at levels that are considered safe by United States standards. Those who drink 1-2 drinks four times a week have a 20% risk of dying prematurely higher than that of people who drink three days a week or less. 

Terror Birds!

Some of the most incredible species to have ever walked (or flown) on our planet have long since become extinct, and in many cases it's deeply sad. In others, however, it kind of makes us breathe a sigh of relief, especially after watching Jurassic World. Can you imagine what we'd do with these creatures? We'd probably cause our own extinction.

Poetry Slam Scholarships

Youth who are into slam poetry can get rewarded for their talents and interests. At Power Poetry, youth can submit their poems and earn scholarship money or just share their words with the world. Some of their open slams feature topical events that impact youth in the world today, from racism to human trafficking, while others (that mention a scholarship in their titles) provide opportunity to further youth knowledge and education. 

The Most Magical Time of the Year

Whether it's known as a garden glow, a festival of lights or by another name, if your local botanical garden offers any kind of holiday lights feature, now is the time to enjoy it! Our local garden's glow is absolutely breathtaking, and while it can come with a hefty pricetag, if you get a membership you can save a lot of money. (The idea is to get a membership during Cyber Monday, if you have that offer available to you, and then get an option that includes tickets! Then you're paying half price AND you get free or reduced tickets.) 

Themed Monopoly

After recently scoring a $5 game of Indiana Jones Monopoly off my first Facebook purchase, I started to wonder about how many versions of themed monopolies there are in the first place. I've seen the local versions (St. Louis-opoly, for example), Star Wars (which is round!), The Nightmare Before Christmas... we even own the Disney version, which I assure you is very cute.