December 2018

Italian Family Pizza

When you're in the mood for a good New York style pie, one of the best places to go in Seattle is Italian Family Pizza. Open every day, the Madison Street eatery doesn't deliver, but it does provide carry-out and accepts credit cards. The casual style eatery is perfect for the whole family with its multiple parking options, indoor and outdoor seating and full bar. From fresh salads to meatballs, homemade lasagna to kigatoni, they have something for everyone when you want something Italian and delicious. 

Best Nostalgic Photos From the 1980s

When it comes to photos of the 1980s, many of us cringe over the outrageous hairstyles, fashions and colors. There's really nothing to be ashamed of if you styled it high with Aquanet or wore a jacket so bright it glowed (like I did); it was considered fashionable at the time. In the 2020s we'll look back at this time and cringe over some choices made as well. I'm already questioning the "on fleek" thing.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Addresses Accusers

While popular scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson has finally addressed the accusations of sexual harrasment and assault against him publicly after being accused years ago and, more recently, accused by multiple women, and many people find his accounts moving and refreshing since he's apologized for some of his behavior in a less condescending way than other men have, others are finding his remarks quite problematic.

Beauty Finds For Under $10

Beauty Boxes are subscriptions to companies with monthly beauty products they offer at a reduced cost. Each collection is often curated with a theme and passed on with a savings due to its smaller or trial size, mass production and co-op like buy-in. Companies like Ipsy and Birchbox sell these boxes for just $10 per month, including shipping, and often include high end products. Ipsy even throws in a makeup bag. 


I'm so glad to have picked up The Lunar Chronicles, particularly after I finished the last installment of Saga and am now heartbroken from it. (Let's be honest, fans; we all knew this was coming. It wouldn't be Brian K. Vaughan if it didn't happen.) I finished Scarlet in a day and just picked up Cress, and I'd rather just read it than deal with all the terrible feels I'm having this time of year. Spoilers ahead!

Nuclear Reactors 636 - Three Dimensional Scanning Systems Used To Map Nuclear Reactor Pipe Networks

       Nuclear power plants are designed to prevent the escape of radioactive materials. As nuclear power plants age, the danger of release of radioactive materials increases. All nuclear power plants contain a vast network of pipe to carry coolant through the different components of the system. As these pipes age, the danger of corrosion and cracks allowing radioactive materials to leak increases.

Radioactive Waste 367 - Southern California Edison And Holtec International Are Using Inadequate Dry Casks To Store Spent Nuclear Fuel From The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

        I have blogged about the San Onofre Generating Station near San Diego before. This plant is owned and was operated by the Southern California Edison (SCE) utility. The plant was shut down in 2013 after replacement steam generators failed. SCE redesigned the replacement generators but were told by the manufacturer that the new designs might not work correctly.

NASA Says There Will Be A U.S. Colony On The Moon In Ten Years

      There has been a lot of discussion in the media lately with respect to whether we should create a colony on the Moon first or send missions to explore and colonize Mars first. We have billionaires such as Elon Musk who are dedicated to getting human beings to Mars. National space programs have sent a lot of robot probes to Mars with a U.S. probe landing just a few days ago.

Nuclear Reactores 635 - Centrus Energy Corporation and X-energy Are Working On New TRISO Nuclear Fuel Facility

       Centrus Energy Corporation and X-energy are working on the preliminary design of a facility dedicated to the fabrication of advanced nuclear fuels. The new fuels will be based on the uranium oxycarbide tristructural isotropic (TRISO) fuel form developed by X-energy.