March 2019

St. Patrick's Day Treats

If you just want something green this St. Patrick's Day, you won't have to work very hard. You can always just get some green macrarons, a Shamrock shake or some of that terrible green popcorn that so many grocery stores sell. But if you want to whip up a little something special to celebrate with friends and family, there are lots of fun things you can make, too.

Cool Animal X-Rays

Many of us have seen our own x-rays after breaking a bone or having a bad car accident, but what about animal x-rays? The skeletal systems of animals might amaze you if you've never seen them before and the London Zoo took it upon themselves to release some incredibly cool images of x-rayed animals to the public. 

Trashtag Challenge

The Green New Deal gives me so much hope, but as long as we have a Republican-controlled Sentate I can't see it going anywhere just yet and we seem to be running out of time. If we want to clean up this planet for future generations to not only enjoy but simply live on, we have to make drastic changes immediately. While the current Trashtag Challenge probably won't get us there, it's something we can do while we try to impeach those in office and wait to vote for those who could, you know, pass legislation to save our lives.

Has it really come to this? LOLSOB

Mox Boarding House

Brunch or dinner and board games? What could be more fun than that? At Mox Boarding House, you can get "a unique gaming experience like no other." They have an extensive games library as well as an array of cool and unique tables where you can dine and play or even rent for corporate events, birthdays and other gaming fun. "Doing brunch" was never as fun as this!

Landscape Photography Tips

When it comes to photography, I wish it were a part of my crafty repertoire, but alas, it's just not a skill that I have. Although I've learned that you can definitely improve your photography skills with some pretty basic tips (and better equipment, which I don't own), I still tend to take fairly mediocre photos and would love to see your tips and tricks for taking better pics. One of the best things I've done to better my photo skills, for example, is getting closer and squatting to the level of the animal or person I'm photographing.

Mandy Moore Guest Stars

If you missed Family Guy over the weekend, close this tab now because there be spoilers ahead, matey.

Remember how we were promised the many children of Quagmire (and how we met Anna Lee before), and it's pretty likely that the promiscuous buddy of Peter Griffin would have a bunch of kids he didn't know about? Well season 17, episode 15, not only is Courtney one of his long lost children all grown up, but she's also voiced by none other than Mandy Moore.

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Oldest Frog

The tiniest frogs are often the most adorable, don't you think? The oldest species of frog relative found in North America, the Chinle frog, whose fossil was recently discovered in Arizona, was that tiny. It was only about half an inch long, making it a contestant for Cutest Ancient Frog contest. It's too bad that we can't know exactly what the frog looked like but artist renditions can give us a general idea. 

OGarden Smart

What sorcery is this lovely thing called the OGarden? This kickstarter has me salivating.  The OGarden Smart lets you grow up to 90 different fruits and veg in a small space right in your home. It's beautiful, doesn't take up a huge amount of space and fully automatic and I pretty much think everyone in the world needs one.


Last night we tried the game Codenames at my sister's birthday party and it was so much fun I had to share. You play with teams and it heavily relies not only on your own creativity but how well you know your teammate. You can still play with people you don't know, but "inside jokes" and references definitely come in handy with this game.

Nuclear Fusion 58 - Chinese Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak Reaching Critical Milestones In Fusion Energy Research


Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak

        The Chinese are pursuing a number of different alternative energy sources and nuclear power designs to permit the elimination of coal fired power plants which are causing terrible pollution in many cities in China. They have been very aggressive in planning and constructing nuclear fission reactors.

Veggie Rolls In A Pinch

Do you like making little roll-up sandwiches for lunch or a snack? I've always loved mixing up some dill and cream cheese, spreading it onto a tortilla, adding some chopped cucumber and enjoying it as a cool, quick bite. It's one of my favorite things to cut up and bring to parties, too. But if you want to avoid the tortilla, there are lots of other ways to do it, too.